Inclement Weather Causes Second School Cancellation in February



Students at Weddington High School and across Union County were treated to their third three-day-weekend in a row after school was canceled on Friday, February 21st due to inclement weather. The cancellation occured following a half-day for teachers and students on the 20th in preparation for the dangerous conditions slated to form that afternoon and through the evening.

The student reaction to the cancellation was apparent both on social media and in real life. Freshman Bella Efird shared that she was “kinda glad about [school being cancelled] because [she] got to hang out with friends.”

The news came at 8:36 PM on Thursday after the UCPS Twitter was flooded with a Maelstrom of tweets urging cancellation.

Though most of these tweets simply asked when an update to the schedule would be given, others saw comedic potential. One user, under the name BWyvern, posted the phrase, “How am I supposed to get to school when the roads look like this,” accompanied by a picture of a particularly icy course on the game Mario Kart 64.

“I think they were funny… but I feel like that’s kind of a waste of time,” said Efird in reference to the tweets. “It won’t affect their decision.”

The next morning, however, instead of waking up to a delightful blanket of snow, students were met with a grim layer of mud. Though there was significant snowfall in the early evening and through most of the night in Weddington and across the county, conditions weren’t cold enough for the snow to stick. The city of Matthews reported only .2” of snow.

More significantly, Union County didn’t see much or any black ice form. Black ice is the thin but incredibly slick and dangerous layer of ice that forms on roads during winter weather, and is the reason counties close their doors during impending weather such as that seen on Thursday and Friday.

The only accident on Friday in the greater Charlotte area reported by WCNC was on Albemarle Road at I-485, a near 45 minute drive north of Weddington High School.

As school came back into session Monday, the benefits of the three day weekend seemed to balance out with the drawbacks. “I had a lot of tests [Monday] planned for Friday, and some already planned for today so it was kind of stressful,” continued Efird, “but I did get more time to study.”

Though the past three weeks saw hectic weather, with a tornado scare at the beginning of the month and snowfall in the middle, students and staff at Weddington should expect nothing more than a little rain to round out the last week of February.