Performer’s Perspective: A Look at Weddington’s 2018 NCTC Piece


Performer’s Perspective is a series of articles written by Weddington High School actor, singer, dancer, and performer Kaleb Dufrene. The articles give Kaleb’s perspective of performing on stage at Weddington High in events such as Show Choir/Chorus, Unscripted, NCTC, the fall play, and the spring musical, among other special events.


I feel a true passion for performing. I also love the effects that performing has on me as a person. There is no greater feeling than getting off-book, walking on stage, and feeling the glare of lights shine down from above. There’s nothing like it. When you become another person, step into their shoes, and feel their emotions, the experience is incomparable. I recently got cast in Weddington High’s NCTC production. NCTC is an acronym for the North Carolina Theatre Conference; it is a competition between many different schools in North Carolina that Weddington has the incredible opportunity to be a part of. Schools from all around the state compete based on their region and then move onto the state level to compete for state titles, awards, and even regional awards at the respected level. Weddington High School will be putting on a show this year called “Perfect”. I will have the opportunity to play revolving characters. Revolving characters is a process in which an actor plays different characters at a given time for impact. In this show, revolving characters simulate a story of a girl named Bethany, who goes through stages of anxiety when the world around her seems to be crumbling. It starts with the feelings of not being good enough, the feelings that we have all had. However, through counseling, at the end of the production, Bethany reaches a turning point. I have had the amazing opportunity of being cast as the counselor for one of my revolving characters. This is a character that I have grown to love and respect, and I have learned to “feel my character,” and analyze this character thoroughly. However, this show has had a great impact on myself as well as my classmates. Bethany is played by senior Millie Stevens. I sat down for a casual interview with Millie Stevens on her thoughts and analysis of the show and her character.


Kaleb: “First few questions, what’s your purpose behind performing “Perfect”? Also, what is your outlook on “Perfect”? Furthermore, how do you think your character will affect people’s outlook on the problems discussed in “Perfect”?”

Millie: “I think that it’ll show people that the things they say can greatly impact others (even if it’s something small) and the thoughts they can put into someone’s head can affect them in ways they never intended for them to. Also, it’ll help people understand that you can’t let people think they are perfect all of the time, and that people need to fail or else they won’t grow or learn.”

Kaleb: “Why do you feel motivated (besides your love for the arts) to perform Bethany’s character?”

Millie: “My motivation is to get this important and taboo message across to people.”

Kaleb: “What are you looking most forward to for NCTC weekend?”

Millie: “I’m looking forward to seeing other schools and the shows they have chosen, the stories they have to tell, and seeing the talent in this area.”


Thank you, Millie, for the interview. The public preview of “Perfect” is Thursday, October 18th at 7:15 PM, and the tickets are $1.