Robert Pattinson Introduces a Brand New Look to The Batman


Robert Pattinson’s “The Batman” takes to screens all over the world.

Emily Unks, General

Your favorite brooding and deeply traumatized vigilante is back on the silver screen! The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz was released on Friday, March 4, 2022. The Batman brought in $57 million dollars on opening day and over $128 million dollars the first weekend it was released in North American Theaters. This is one of the two pandemic superhero movies to surpass $100 million in the first weekend next to “Spiderman: No Way Home”.

Robert Pattinson, who you may know as Edward Cullen from the Twilight franchise, has left the world of vampires and werewolves in Forks, Washington to the city of Gotham. Pattinson introduces a new Batman that we’ve never seen before. This Batman isn’t as shiny, buff ,and confident as previous adaptations but more hunched over and anomalous, almost embodying the grime of the city. After all, The Waynes are the foundation of Gotham aren’t they? This movie is full of mystery and is as dark as ever. The Batman’s director Matt Reeves is stated to have made the most “comic accurate film” out of all the other Batman films. With the other Batmen such as Christian Bale, we see a developed billionaire with class and ritz but with Pattinson, it is clear to see that The Batman is a bit of an antisocial hermit who still has some maturing and learning to do. Despite the difference in the way Pattinson’s Batman looks and acts, his purpose is still the same as the other Batmen: protect Gotham from corruption and seek “vengeance” on the world that robbed him of his parents. Matt Reeves does an excellent job at portraying Gotham as the dark, filthy, corrupt city that it is, which some argued the past Batman directors such as Christopher Nolan, failed to do, making Gotham almost look immaculate, which any Batman fan knows is not what Gotham represents.

The cast of this Batman is spectacular, starting with the main antagonist of the movie, Paul Dano who plays The Riddler, a sick, calculated, and evidently, another traumatized orphan who wants revenge on Gotham. The Riddler’s twisted methods of torture and concealed identity is enough to prevent you from finishing your popcorn because of the way he makes your stomach turn. We also get to see the Penguin, another one of Batman’s nemesis is re-envisioned and played by Colin Farrell who is amazingly unrecognizable. But let’s talk about our leading lady, Zoe Kravitz who may be one of the best live action Catwoman to date. Catwoman, just like The Batman, seems to be early in her career as a vigilante with similar parental trauma and in comparison to the Catwomen in the past, Reeves portrays her as an equal part in solving the main conflict in the film as opposed to just appearing for Batman’s love interest. Batman and Catwoman have a developing relationship throughout the movie which according to multiple reviewers, makes the ending much stronger.

The Batman left us off with a little insight into what the next movie will look like, as Batman fans could quickly identify the voice and mannerisms of the most famous of Batman’s enemies at the end of the film. Can you guess who? This movie definitely left us all excited for where Reeves and Pattinson take The Batman’s story in the films to come.