Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Spanish Honors Society!


Sophia Randazzo

Up until February 5th, Spanish Honors Society will be selling roses for Valentine’s Day! These fresh, red roses are selling for only $2 and are available for purchase at the linked Google Form. These roses are an amazing opportunity to show the people you care about just how much you appreciate them. Teachers, friends, significant others, or even yourself (we’re not judging!) will love this show of gratitude. The roses will be delivered the week before Valentine’s Day– February 8th to 11th– to first block classes by the SHS members/officers. Roses can be sent anonymously, and even come with a special message in Spanish. Examples of messages include “Feliz San Valentín!” (Happy Valentine’s Day!), “Te quiero” (I love you), “Eres mi mejor amigo/a” (You’re my best friend), “Besos y abrazos” (Hugs and kisses) and “¿Quieres ser mi valentín?” (Will you be my valentine?). Accommodations will be made for virtual students, where the rose will be waiting in the front office and there will be the choice for the recipient or buyer to pick it up. The money made by Spanish Honors Society will be used to fund the Pulsera Project, an organization that sponsors Latin American artists living in struggling areas of Spanish speaking countries, and contributing to the Rose Sale is a great way to do your part!

Google Form Link: http://bit.ly/3qZef9h

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