Performer’s Perspective: The Outsiders


Ponyboy, played by Andrew Page. talks with his good friend Johnny, played by Colin Pendergrast, about the building tension between the “greasers” and “Socs”.

Performer’s Perspective is a series of articles written by Weddington High School actor, singer, dancer, and performer Kaleb Dufrene. The articles give Kaleb’s perspective of performing on stage at Weddington High in events such as Show Choir/Chorus, Unscripted, NCTC, the fall play, and the spring musical, among other special events.

Whenever someone says “The Outsiders,” what comes to mind is probably the 1983 movie starring Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillion, and Tom Cruise. Some may recall reading the best-selling novel of the same name by S. E Hinton in middle school.  What many do not know, is that there is actually a play version of this classic story of gang rivalry and hope. The play, published by Dramatic Publishing adapts the classic novel into a story fit for the stage. Originally, Weddington High School’s adaptation of this production was going to be performed on November 11th & 13th. However, due to Nora’s Lost advancing to states, the show was moved to December 5th & 7th. Moreover, this is a classic story with many twists and turns that can not be missed. The play itself has an overall message of hope, love, family, and defying class stereotypes. Not only is the story classic and an all-time favorite, but our theatre department’s spin on it is sure to become a crowd-pleaser. The technical aspect of this production is top-notch. All of these things make The Outsiders worth every penny of admission. This isn’t just a play that is appealing in the entertainment aspect, it is also a play that will make you think.