Performer’s Perspective: The Magic, Movement, and Music of Mamma Mia!


Mamma Mia! is a timeless musical story that many teenagers have seen. Any fan of the movie would know that Mamma Mia! started off as a musical first. The musical version of Mamma Mia! was critically-acclaimed, winning multiple Tony Award and smashing box office records. The musical played on the West End in London and on Broadway for multiple years before starting it’s current World Tour, which has visited dozens and dozens of cities and countries all around the world. The musical has recently become available to high schools from a rights standpoint through MTI, meaning that high schools around the country can now perform Mamma Mia! as a musical. While Mamma Mia! is now available as a licensed musical, the rights for these new musicals are often very limited and have strict requirements. However, Weddington High School and our Drama Club were able to get a hold of these limited rights. After speaking with our director, longtime educator and actress Mrs. Moore, I’ve begun to see the triumph of obtaining the opportunity to put on a musical like Mamma Mia! Mrs. Moore has had Mamma Mia! on her favorite musicals list for a while. The magic of a story set on a scenic Greek island told through the energetic and emotional music of ABBA can gain the attention of those never before interested in theatre. I saw this since the conception of Weddington High’s production of this show. Since the beginning, everyone has been committed to making this show the very best that it can and will be. If you’ve ever been in a show of any type, you can understand the concentrated feeling of walking into a rehearsal room on the first day knowing what the show is going to be like. I will say that this show has been one of the most positive experiences that I have ever acted in. There’s nothing like a team of about 75 coming together for one ultimate goal: putting on an excellent show. Mamma Mia!, taking after its name, includes many well-known songs into show-stopping hits, including (but certainly not limited to) Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, and Voulez-Vous. One of the best things about putting on a show like this is that everyone loves the music, the fact that the songs are so widely known already making the show so much fun to dance to, sing to, and act to. Every single person on that stage, guaranteed, has a natural love for the musical that Mamma Mia! is. Being a part of a cast that has a natural love for such a beautiful musical makes Weddington’s production of Mamma Mia! what it is – art. Keeping all of these thoughts in mind, the cast, crew, and directors have worked tirelessly making Mamma Mia! the very best that it can and will be. The musical is already starting to sell out among the Weddington population but tickets are still available. Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults.


March 28 @ 7:00 PM

March 29 @ 7:00 PM

March 30 @ 7:00 PM