SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: With Warriors Wide Receiver and Cornerback- Max Brimigion

For many teams, leaders tend to emerge the start of their senior year. They spend their underclassman athletic careers listening, observing, and learning how to develop leadership skills, so that when they make their way to the top of the totem pole as a 12th grader, they are more than well equipped to blaze a path of success for their team. While Weddington Football certainly adheres to this tradition of senior leadership, often times the Warriors are fortunate enough to have younger athletes that serve as team leaders, not because of their age, but because of their skill set and personalities that are well received by players. While there are several class of 2019 players who took the call to lead the Warriors well before their senior season, there is one in particular that made his mark early on in his WHS Football career, and still continues to play a major role in the success of the team through his talent and leadership qualities – and is most notably known for defying the odds of physics in his ability to catch the football as a receiver, and for being a lockdown defender as a cornerback. His name is Max Brimigion, and I sat down with him to get an inside look into his thoughts as we look ahead to Senior Night 2018,  on not just being one of the most highly touted football players for WHS and Union County, but also on his team and expectations for the remainder of the season.


What has been your most memorable moment as a player for Weddington in your 4 years on Varsity?

“I would have to say that winning the State Championship in 2016 was the most memorable moment I have experienced as a Weddington Football player. I had a 47 yard touchdown reception, which was an unreal moment- especially as a sophomore on Varsity. But, that memory of winning States in 2016 has the potential to get knocked to 2nd place this year after we win the State Championship again- that’s right. You heard it here first.”


Did you have any older role models that you looked up to who played for the Warriors that shaped you into the athlete and person that you are today?

“When I was at Weddington Middle School, I remember playing for the middle school team, and each Friday we would attend the Varsity games. At that age I was so impressed and really looked up to Zach Goins (class of 2015) who went on to now play football at UNC Chapel Hill. I thought he was not just an incredible player, but also a great leader and teammate. He also played receiver and defensive back, like I do. I really looked up to- and still do love his style of play.”


Describe how it feels being a senior under first year head coach, Andy Capone, and how the senior class in general has played an effect on his first season as the head coach?

“I love Coach Capone, and I know all of my teammates do too. It was great knowing that after Coach (Tim) Carson left, we were in great hands under Capone. With him being our Offensive Coordinator last season, and a coach for us over the past 6 years, he really knows his stuff. As seniors, it wasn’t hard for us to get everyone to buy into his philosophy because he is such a great coach and has been here for so long. I am so happy Capone, along with our other coaches are guiding us this season.”


With being such a big leader on the team, there must come pressure. Tell me how you deal with being a big “playmaker” and how you continuously set an example for younger players to follow on and off of the field to create success for the Weddington Football program?

“Knowing that my coaches and team trusts me to make such big plays is very humbling and a major confidence booster. I truly just stay focused on the game and try not to let any of the so called ‘hype’ keep me from doing my job- which is of course catching the ball, and then on defense, preventing people from catching the ball. As far as my example goes, I just try to stay humble and work hard. I think anybody, of any age can benefit from following that. I want players who come after me to remember my legacy in a positive way, and to always remember that hard work and being humble can never do you wrong- on or off of the field.”


As far as the rest of the season goes, what are your expectations for this team, and also, how would you weigh in on the season thus far?

“I am so proud of how we’ve done this season so far. Sitting at 8-1 with one of the most strenuous schedules in the state is something to be very happy about. Of course, we’d love to be 9-0, but we can’t think about what has passed us, only what is ahead. For the rest of the season, I am expecting big things. Hopefully many more wins and a possible ring in the future at States? I know with this team by my side we have a great shot.”


It is quite obvious that Brimigion has been a significant factor in the success of Weddington Football during his 4 year career as a varsity player. This Thursday, he will take to the field for Senior Night, as he will celebrate his career as a Weddington Warrior thus far, along with his fellow senior teammates, cheerleaders, and band members.

Brimigion, who has joined an exclusive group this season known as the “2K Club”  due to reaching over 2,000 passing yards in his career, is excited to say the very least about Senior Night against the Monroe Redhawks.

“I always look forward to each and every game. It’s a blessing to be out there. We just have to do what we do and lock it down. Being on the field is always my favorite part of the week.”

It is expected that Brimigion will continue to lead the Warriors along with fellow seniors not only against Monroe on Senior Night, but also for the remainder of the season, and, if all goes as planned, the leadership reign will last well into the month of December, all the way to the NCHSAA State Championship. With people like Brimigion on the field leading the pack, there’s absolutely no telling how far the Warriors can go.