Local Municipal Election Results


Union County municipal elections were held Tuesday, November 5th.

On November 5, 2019, the residents from each city participated in the municipal election.  In Wesley Chapel the voters had a choice to either stick with the incumbent mayor Brad Hovarth, who was elected in 2017, or switch to Jan Smith, a new candidate. The vote resulted in Jan Smith being appointed new mayor with the ballot count of 485, which was 61.24%, as opposed to Brad Hovarth with the ballot count of 304, or 38.38%.  In the city of Weddington, incumbent Elizabeth Callis won against Walter Hogan with her ballot count of 956 (63.14%), as opposed to his ballot count of 557 (36.79%).  

Along with electing the mayor, Wesley Chapel and Weddington also held a council race in which the two seats of the four member council would be determined.  Lori Bailey, David Boyce, April Campagna, and Paul Kaperonis ran in the village of Wesley Chapel for the council race. Of these candidates, Lori Bailey and David Boyce won the election with a ballot count of 552 (37.4%) and 499 (22.81%), respectively.  In the town of Weddington, the council race was held by district. In District 2, Anne Pruitt, with a ballot count of 878 (58.77%) won against Scott Pruit, with a ballot count of 615 (41.16%). In District 4, Jancice Propst beat Gerry Hartman with a ballot count of 952 (63.85%), as opposed to his 537 (36.02%).  

In the town of Indian Trail, Michael L. Alverez won the mayoral election, winning both a majority and plurality of votes with a ballot count of 1,307 (65.88%).  Todd Barber, Shirley Howe, and Marcus John McIntyre won the council race in Indian Trail. Bobby G. Kilgore won the mayoral election in Monroe with a 1,739 (62,46%) ballot count.  Lynn A. Keziah, Freddie Gordon, and Angelia James were also elected to be part of the city council in Monroe. The municipal election results show promising outcomes for the upcoming year.