Little Women: A Review


Ysabelle Blaine, General

On November 17th and 19th, Weddington Theatre performed a rousing rendition of the acclaimed story, Little Women.  The play is full of friendship, love, humor, sadness, and hope.  It shows the life of a small family during the 19th century facing different civil and family matters.  The sisters are all special in their own ways but always stick together.

I watched the 2nd showing of the play, on November 19th at 1:00 pm.  One of the most notable factors was the acting of the 4 sisters.  The dedication and love that the actors had for their roles were evident.  All of the actors were able to put themselves in the mind of their characters which helped raise the play to a completely new level.  The hours of after-school practice and commitment made this play special.

The quality and control of the sounds and voices also helped to contribute to creating the environment of Little Woman.  It can be hard to disperse the limited microphones among the actors, but the crew made sure that everyone was always able to be heard.  I was immersed in the story throughout the entire play.

I rate the play a solid 9.5 out of 10.  My experience of watching Little Women was excellent.  The production and hard work of everyone involved were well worth the effort.  With quality performance and wonderful relationships, Weddington High School’s theatre department told a sweet, heartfelt story of a small-town family.



What factors do you think contributed to the success of Little Woman?

Miles Martinez, a sophomore explains that one of the aspects that he admires is “the determination of cast and crew to get things organized in such a short and stressful amount of time.”


What are some behind-the-scenes elements that we don’t see?

Sophomore, Gabby Knight reveres the people behind the scenes “Tech people in the booth do so much, the sounds and the lights and backstage stage crew managers also work hard.”