Meet Student Body Presidential Candidate Ashley Reynolds


Tola Aluko, General

This week I sat down with Ashley Reynolds to discuss her bid for the Student Body Presidency. 


Tola: How long have you been at Weddington?

Ashley: I came here in third grade. I left for two years then went to Antioch, then came back in sixth grade. 


Tola: Which activities do you engage in at school? 

Ashley: Deca, Math Honor Society, Student Government, First Priority


Tola: Describe your platform.

Ashley: All girls weightlifting class so that girls feel more comfortable. I’ve spoken to girls about an all girls weightlifting class, and many have said that they’d feel more comfortable taking weightlifting if it was only girls. Google form so that students can submit themes they want for their own homecomings, proms, spirit weeks, spirit days, etc. Bring back pep rallies. Increase school pride and school spirit by putting a school spirit store in the cafeteria every Friday. 


Tola: What’s your campaign slogan? 

Ashley: Just Do It

Tola: Why’d you choose that as your campaign slogan? 

Ashley: Because I am known for wearing a lot of Nike, and I used to resell Jordans. 


Tola: Why are you running?

Ashley: I’m running because I really want to make Weddington the best place it can be for my class and for the classes under me. I really want school to be fun and enjoyable. Ever since COVID, when students came back there were issues with cleanliness and it annoys everybody. I really want to bring back what we used to have and bring back the fun and exciting going to Wedddington. 


Tola: Why should people vote for you? 

Ashley: People should vote for me because I’m really proud of Weddington and I really want to show my pride with Weddington and I feel very involved in the community. I really want everyone to benefit next school year. 


Tola: What’s your plan to improve school spirit? 

Ashley: The school spirit store that I’m going to put in the cafeteria, that way people can buy school spirit wear all year instead of just the first week or two. 

Tola: Where are you going to get the materials from? 

Ashley: PTSO supplies the materials. 


Tola: Out of everything in your platform, what would you say is your number one goal to accomplish as Student Body President? 

Ashley: To recreate school pride and school spirit. 


Tola: What type of senior will you be? 

Ashley: I’m going to be one of the more relaxed seniors. I have all of my credits done so I’m going to come to school and hang out and socialize and get to know people better. 


Tola: What’s your favorite club? 

Ashley: I love Deca. Deca is so fun. I love traveling with Deca and competing with Deca. It’s a blast. 


Tola: What is your favorite sit down restaurant?

Ashley: 131 Maine.


Tola: Final question, what is your go-to Chick-Fil-A order? 

Ashley: Number 1, no pickles, with lettuce, fries and a lemonade


Tola: Thank you Ashley.

Ashley: Thank you, it was nice meeting you. 


You heard it here first folks, that was Ashley Reynolds, Student Body President Candidate.