Why Do We Care About Celebrities?


Miley Cyrus, left, and Pete Davidson, right, hosting the 2022 New Year’s Bash; which sparked controversy between Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Photo courtesy of Yahoo News.

Hailey Bennett, Opinions

After Miley Cyrus’s New Year’s Eve Party special featuring Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian unfollowed Miley Cyrus on Instagram. Groundbreaking, isn’t it? Headline worthy, isn’t it? Well apparently this shell-shocking news is just that to many, many new platforms. 

Over this past week, news platforms like the well-known Fox News investigated and reported the “incident” with such a serious tone that makes one must think that articles like these must be a joke. Realizing how many news platforms covered this situation, I question how this news was even found.

A screencapture of news headlines detailing the drama with Kim K and Miley Cyrus. Photo credits to Hailey Bennett.

Did a dedicated news reporter, or maybe even a team, sit at their cubicles staring with their bloodshot eyes at their Excel spreadsheets of Kim K’s following list? Hoping day after day that something will change that will recognize this team as useful for once in their career. Then, one fateful day, Kim unfollows Miley Cyrus after the New Year’s Eve Party! But why? Oh, the team scrambles for any entertaining reason. One snaps their fingers together as they shout their hypothesis. The others nod their heads in agreement and report this oh so very important news. 

Is this what our news platforms turned into? Instead of covering other possible more important issues like Supreme Court cases or even the newest serial killer on the loose, we have originally-driven men and women writing about social media star’s following list. This not one concerns me but puzzles me. 

Why do we, as a society, value men and women who pose in front of a camera as important as national judicial court cases? What makes these people so much more valuable than the common Facebook Karen? Are their beach photos not equivalent to the Soccer mom selfie? These people are no different from you and I, and yet these people get more coverage on news platforms for simple actions like following and unfollowing than murder and missing children cases. 

Now I acknowledge the existence of social media news platforms like People Magazine, which thrive on this petty and toxic news, but I believe that prestigious and well more important media platforms need to pride themselves and refuse to cover such foolish cases. The employed men and women need to wake themselves up and realize the lack of importance social media celebrities and their petty dramas have. By doing this, hope for news platforms everywhere will exist.