The Rainy Year


Sophia Randazzo, Editor-In-Chief

With the approach of 2022, the most vital lesson I learned this year is that one’s world is dictated by the way one chooses to perceive it. After the unprecedented events of 2020, many had high hopes for 2021, and it was only natural to do so. But, in retrospect, 2021 was no different than any other year in the sense that it too had its cliche “ups and downs.” This year I experienced a multitude of emotions. I encountered rejection and acceptance, losses and gains, and emptiness and contentment. Through it all, I realized that the first word of the previous sentence could be changed to anyone and everyone’s name, a revelation that can make or break one’s year. After all, nothing truly worth having comes easy, though easier preached than practiced. 


A year consists of 365 days. But, what makes a year one to remember is not the highlights but rather the days that water each of our wisdom trees. When one dives deep into their “everyday” routine, it becomes easy to forget about their surroundings. By taking a moment to pause, one can savor all the love and goodness in this world. Though it can also reveal negatives, our ability to adapt as humans becomes vital in filtering these things out. Life is too short to focus on what you cannot do or dislike. I owe this lesson to my mom. Whenever I felt frustrated or misguided, I sprinted her way. Each time she heard me out, one of the best gifts for those you love. If there was not a clear solution, she presented me with some wisdom from a renowned author and activist. Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” On that note, thank you 2021 for showering my world with some vital perspective, the best gift this holiday season that truly never stops giving.


— Victoria Stoyneva