Zuckerberg: Into the Metaverse


Photo Courtesy of Search Engine Journal.

Hailey Bennett, Opinions

In early November, Mark Zuckerberg, the 36-year-old billionaire, released a new update to Facebook which will be called the Metaverse. The very much a work-in-progress update was promoted in a staged commercial with Mark himself as the main character. 

In this update, viewers watched as Mark attempted to appear as human as possible as he acted out how one may create an avatar in this world. The commercial illustrated the end goal of this update which is to create a virtual world that people from around the world can communicate and play with others. In the commercial, Mark set very low expectations for himself by making a complex spaceship the scenery for a group of avatars to play poker to illustrate his goal. 

This commercial, overall, was unaccepted by people on social media and it even got made fun of. However, this update has already taken place. Facebook’s official name was changed to Meta and all of its platforms have undergone the same status change as well. This action shocked people who doubted the update would even happen and threw some of the older generations into a state of fear. 

Some of the fears include that platforms like Facebook, which most of its users are  older individuals, will become not user-friendly to the older generations. Some have said that they fear that these large corporations will only care about the younger generations in the upcoming years. These worries have been building up for a long time now since the technological revolution that has undergone within the last couple of decades. 

After some days of these vocal worries online, Meta decide to continue to infiltrate and broadcast their change to the Metaverse to more and more people. Viewers of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade were shocked to see an obvious campaign for the Metaverse which showed one of the floats flying into space through the lens’ of the extra-stylish Meta Pro. This campaign, however, was more excepted and well-liked than the other one. Mostly because it excited the children and unexpectedly the parents who were watching the parade. Thousands were shocked and dazzled by the 3D animation that flew off in front of their eyes. 

Although many were surprised by the spectacle at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, many users are still realistic with the potential prices of this new release. The Meta Pro lens, which made the sight at the parade possible, cost about $3,000; making these probably the most expensive pair of sunglasses you would own. These ray bans promise to not only keep you stylish but also tell the whole world how rich you are. congratulations! You made yourself a target for theft! 

The Metaverse will definitely be an experimental platform that will show whether or not our society is ready for high-tech to become fully infiltrated into our daily lives. This campaign will also show the talent and the abilities of the Meta corporation whether or not the Metaverse will be successful and popular. Only time will tell if this campaign, which is projected to cost Meta millions of dollars in 2021, will be successful or if it’s a failure will kill a handful of social media platforms.