Hoco or No?


The Homecoming game took place the Friday before Saturday night’s Homecoming dance.

Hailey Bennett, General

Homecoming: a North American tradition that is defined as a high school, college, or university game, dance, or other events to which students are invited. An American high school usually hosts a homecoming football game and a homecoming dance first semester, at the end of football season.

Although this tradition is very popular in American society, Weddington High School usually doesn’t host a homecoming dance. Instead, the school provides two dances in the second semester. As the years went on, more and more students felt the lack of a special dance experience in their first semester. This year, some began to vocalize their desire. At first, the demand started small, beginning with underclassmen who usually have the Sadie Hawkin’s dance as their only dance of the year, but the idea began to gain popularity even with the upperclassmen. Once this idea was presented to administration, the idea was rejected. However, a decision that shocked the school occurred this year. Homecoming was approved!

This year, Homecoming was hosted on the athletic fields which meant a large number of tickets could be purchased in hopes that the dance was a hit. And it was! Over 800 tickets were purchased across all four classes, which surpasses the ticket sales of Sadie’s and Prom. The success of Homecoming was clearly visible on the athletic fields with the presence of a huge energetic mass on the fields, bright lights, and loud music. Everyone was dressed for the occasion and there was a positive environment at the dance. The lively music was well-liked by the students and the DJ was applauded for his work. The night was a fun, stress-free experience for all grades.

Afterward, many students detailed their pleasant experience on social media and in the hallways. Many students believe that Weddington should continue to host a homecoming for many reasons. Most people believe that, firstly, underclassmen should get a dance every semester, secondly, that Homecoming serves as a break for students in the second semester and will return to school rejuvenated and motivated, and lastly, that Homecoming gives students who lost dance experiences to Covid-19 a chance to make up for it. The overwhelming success and support of the first homecoming left students feeling hopeful that they have more homecoming dances to come.