Making History with the Green Machine


Trevor Moore

Drum Major Kaitlyn Dirr directs the Marching Warriors as they help cheer on the Weddington High School football team.

James Randazzo, General

When you think of the Green Machine, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s cheering in the student section, or walking past the Warrior Knight statue at the front of the school. Whatever you may think of, it most certainly encompasses the Warrior Spirit and life here at Weddington. 

The Green Machine is a popular thing here at Weddington; it’s the name of our student section at Warrior Stadium and at away games as well. You may even have a Green Machine shirt or sweatshirt. However, some may come to wonder, where did the Green Machine come from?

Weddington High was founded in 2000. 714.3 miles away, a university was already beginning to inspire the newly created school. The Green Machine hasn’t always been around. In August of 2002, two student government members, Drew and Shane, thought of a name for our Warrior spirit and student section. They were inspired by the University of Notre Dame’s hype student section, called the Green Machine. Notre Dame’s student section is known for having amazing school spirit and exhibiting great energy at school games. Drew and Shane wanted the same atmosphere at Notre Dame to be here at Weddington. Now not only is Weddington rated one of the best high schools in North Carolina, Weddington has been deemed to have one of the best student sections in North Carolina according to multiple news stations. The students show school spirit no matter if we are at home or away. The Green Machine drives our warriors to greatness, so one could say that Drew and Shane’s idea was successful.

Now, Weddington High School is home to some of the greatest alumni in the country. We’ve had several Warrior athletes go Division 1, some theatre members end up on Off-Broadway, and many students go on to enlist in the Armed Forces. 

In recent news at Weddington High School, varsity women’s volleyball player, Lyvia Trimp, got to 1,000 kills on the court in her volleyball career (meaning she spiked over 1,000 hits that the opposing team was unable to return). Our band has won several Excellence Awards at past band competitions this semester. And our varsity football team beat Sun Valley 52-0 last Friday night for our homecoming game! Each grade level, by popular vote, crowned a Homecoming Princess at this game. And finally, our very own Editor In Chief, Sophia Randazzo, won the title of “Miss Weddington” for her academic record, extracurriculars, and a series of interviews. She will represent Weddington in the Miss Union County competition, for a scholarship prize of $4,000. Good luck Sophia and keep up the great work Warriors!