How are our Warriors celebrating Halloween?


Sophie Frain

As the Warrior prepare for Halloween night, the sky releases a storm complete with pouring rain and a tornado warning.

As October comes to a finish, the end of the month is marked by warm, colorful trees, cooling temperatures, and daylight savings time. But the most notable of these markers of fall is the celebration of all things spooky: Halloween.

Weddington High School students are celebrating Halloween in many different ways. A poll taken during 4th lunch found that the largest percentage of students, around 39%, are planning on staying home on the 31st, with many having to work on homework or intending to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. Around 29% of students are planning on attending some sort of Halloween party, and only 26% are planning on trick-or-treating, namely underclassmen. A small 6% claimed that they were working on the night and weren’t celebrating at all. 

During the school day, however, many classrooms are celebrating the holiday. The AP Lit and many English IV classes are reading the classic gothic tale of Frankenstein, and many other classes, such as Ms. Freger’s Advanced Inquiry and Research class, are writing horror stories to share with their fellow students. Another class celebrating is Mrs. Doss’ AP Chemistry and Honors Chemistry classes, who are making and learning the science of gummy candy formation. The AP Spanish class marks the occasion with their short horror films, or “Cortos de Terror”, that will be presented in the beginning of November. Another Weddington tradition is APUSH’s annual “Historween”, where juniors come to school dressed up as significant American figures and must stay in costume all day. 

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, going to a party, or just staying at home, remember to stay safe and have fun celebrating this Halloween!