Student Government Election Results


Trevor Moore

STUGO members of all grades meet in the media center the first Thursday of every month, as well as weekly in their respective grade levels.

Seventeen new members were added to Weddington’s Student Government after an election was held on Friday, September 27th. The fall election’s purpose is to add additional support to the STUGO officers elected last Spring, as well as inaugurate the class of 2023’s initial members.

“They seem like they’re gonna work hard,” says Sophomore class President Spencer Moore. The Sophomore class has, by tradition, organized and executed the annual Talent Show. Moore has faith that him and his new representatives will be able to uphold this tradition diligently, citing that “Alyx was in [the Talent Show] before, Bill is just a cool guy, and Karoline’s pretty dope.”

The full list of new STUGO members can be found below:


Student Body Officers

President: Victoria Kopitsch

VP: Riya Vasa

Secretary: Kathleen Abrams

Historian: Nico Brown


Senior Class

President: Trevor Moore

VP: Annamarie Michaels

Secretary: Rohan Kothadia

Historian: Camille Cheffer

Representatives: Emma Gilbert


Junior Class

President: Ella Sprenkle

VP: Kieran Caniglia

Secretary: Wyatt Pederson

Historian: Royce Joseph

Representatives: Hannah Lassiter, Emily Ressler, Kendal Williams, Ethan Wittig


Sophomore Class

President: Spencer Moore

VP: Madison McDonald

Secretary: Abby Pfizenmaier

Historian: Alexandra Melissaris

Representatives: Bill Abrams, Alyx Beausoleil, Karolina Kacinskas, Julie Warren


Freshman Class

President: Anastasia Sterenzat

VP: Brett Williams

Secretary: Lacie Rogers

Historian: Ashley Reynolds

Representatives: Chauncey Chen, Tyler Flickinger, Reagan Nelson, Lola Wilton