Help Wanted?!


Trevor Moore

Junior Andrew Page has worked at Weddington’s local Harris Teeter for several months now. The store has become populated across the county by Weddington students who want some extra pocket money.

Looking for work? With a million places for high schoolers to work, it can get intimidating. Who pays the best? Are they flexible enough for sports? We asked around to see where our peers are working these days and what’s the best deal.


Harris Teeter, Cashier

Pay Rate: $9.00/hour – Flexibility: 4/5

“Me and all my coworkers love the hours and flexibility. Some people even work a second job and do sports. It’s easy work, plus I get to talk to people all day- I like to talk.”

Live, Laugh, Paint, Art Teacher

Pay Rate: $100 per class teaching or 12.00/hour as an assistant – Flexibility 5/5 *experience necessary*

“I love it so much it’s amazing it’s so good. You pick your hours. No Uniform. Easy work. I’d literally do it for free. ”

GTB Eyes, Freelance Computer Flipper  

Pay Rate: +/-$35 per computer – Flexibility 5/5

“I guess you could call me a computer flipper. I buy old PCs from ebay and amazon, fix parts, and sell them again. The market is really great for it. I can do 15-60 computers a week. You’ve gotta know your stuff, though. There are some certifications…”

SwimMac, Swim Coach  

Pay Rate: $12.00/hour – Flexibility: 2/5

“So easy. I just stand up and give [kids] drills- fix their technique…. You don’t really need prior experience. But I don’t get too many hours during the school year.”

Kumon (Math and Reading program), Children’s Assistant  

Pay Rate: $7.25/hour – Flexibility: 4/5

“I work with kids ages 3-5. I help out with flashcards and make sure they do their homework. Some kids don’t want to work, but you learn to encourage them.”

Babysitter, Freelance  

Pay Rate: $10.00/hour – Flexibility: 4/5

“I usually end up watching 2-3 kids. It’s never too hard. I get to watch netflix when they’re sleeping and I have pretty easy hours. I don’t use any official app or anything either.”

Publix, Bagger

Pay Rate: $9.50/hour – Flexibility: 5/5

“Everyone is insanely friendly. I get to meet lots of new people. It gets a little busy sometimes- always something to do. But they are super flexible. I pick all my hours.”

Duckworths, Hostess

Pay Rate: $9.00/hour – Flexibility: 2/5

“Its a really relaxed job- besides weekends. Weekends we have long waits and it gets stressful and hectic… I get to work with a  lot of my friends who go to Weddington and all my coworkers are really funny- waiters.”

Sun Valley Movie Theatre, Concessions

Pay Rate: $7.50/hour – Flexibility: 1/5

“It is crazy fast-paced and a terrible environment. No flexibility. Sure, you get to watch movies free, but no- don’t work there. Please.”

Miller Street Dance Academy, Assistant Dance Teacher

Pay Rate: $8.00/hour – Flexibility: 2/5

“Not that much work. I’m basically a demonstrator for the kids we teach. When I’m not showing kids the dances, I just stand around. It’s easy, but I don’t get that many hours.”


Doing interviews all over the school really enlightened me to what job opportunities we have as teenagers. There are tons of places that pay good- and quite a few freelance possibilities. It makes me regret getting my new job just a few weeks ago; I didn’t know Publix paid more a few doors down! However, if you’re someone who still can’t easily fit in a job with your schedule, that’s alright. I’d guesstimate that around 60% of students at WHS don’t have a part-time job outside of school. You don’t have to work yourself crazy to have a complete high school career. I hope this list helped you out. While it isn’t a list of all the jobs out there, I hope it gave you an idea of what’s out there.