Located just a few minutes drive down the road from Weddington, lies a hidden gem, found on the tail end of strip mall in Wesley Chapel. Saveedas boasts an american menu full of delicious food with a special american twist. The atmosphere present is more high-scale then what you would expect knowing the area. Instead of a small eatery, you get the impression of an intimate american bistro with low lighting, a modern, yet classic decor, and artfully plated dishes.  

Their menu boasts an array of seafood dishes, classic sandwiches and burgers, pizzas and steaks. Each item fits into the idea of a perfect american bistro as a mixing pot of different cultural staples. Margherita pizzas heavily influenced by Italy, Southern pimento cheese sandwiches, North eastern Atlantic salmon wraps- not to mention a perfectly created vegetable ratatouille. I ordered the ratatouille on my trip to Saveedas. While their ratatouille was slightly different than the one found at Renaissance Bakery, it had the same home cooked aroma and brought the same comfort. It was plated wonderfully without overstating the actual dish. The creamy mac & cheese was just that, and had a wonderful smoky undertone. It was perfectly balanced with the marinated cesar chicken wrap, which was refreshing and extremely flavorful. The aged parmesan added a sophisticated and timeless layer to the dish. The garlic herb wrap, quite literally wrapped all the flavors together beautifully. Other dishes there looked exquisite.

If I were to return I would love to try the jumbo lump crab cakes, complimented with a citrus-caper remoulade, the grilled atlantic salmon, and the seared scallops that are so fresh their price is based on the market. This would be a perfect place to dress up a little for a birthday dinner or date night, that is not too far away.