ONE FINAL MISSION: Warriors Defeat Mount Tabor in State Semi-Finals – Head To 3AA State Championship in Chapel Hill

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Moments after the Weddington High School Warriors defeated the Mount Tabor High School Spartans 45-12 in the 3AA State Semi Finals and sealed their State Championship appearance, a special moment occurred on the field. No, it was not the trophy presentation, nor the eruption of emotion from the team as the clock ticked down to zero. Rather, it was a moment that to the average fan would seem almost routine. The Warriors, as they do every game, sat around head coach Andy Capone and listened to his post-game comments. But, after this game, something was different than usual. Coach Capone was not the only one talking. This time, the team was chiming in, and after each remark of praise regarding the game from Capone, the Warriors simultaneously chanted their team mantra “HOKA-HEY” with pure emotion, elation, and pride behind their words. The moment was not one that was flashy, loud, or cocky, but instead a moment that caught attention from its beautiful simplicity. It was the perfect exit from the Semi Finals matchup and the perfect entrance to preparing for the State Championship. It showed Weddington at their best, which is certainly where they will need to be this Friday in order to win the 2018 NCHSAA 3AA State Title.

Weddington will travel to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Friday at 7:30pm to vie against the #2 seed Southeast Guilford High School for the State Title, but that opportunity would not have been possible without Weddington’s stand out performance this past Friday at Mount Tabor. Here’s a quick rundown- The Warriors offense proved a force to be reckoned with once again, racking up 324 total yards. They were spearheaded by running backs Will Shipley and Wayne Dixie, who ran for 1 and 3 touchdowns on the night respectively. However, Weddington’s defense, who has only allowed an average of 8 PPG during the playoffs, showed up as well, holding Mount Tabor, a team that averaged almost 30 PPG before facing Weddington to just 12 points on the night. The defense was lead by linebackers, senior Eamon Murphy, and junior Alec Mock who will also serve as vital aspects to Weddington’s attempt at winning their 2nd State Title in the past 3 years and in school history this Friday.

For the Championship, Weddington, the #5 team in the state, faces Southeast Guilford, out of Greensboro, who is the the #14 ranked team in the state. All 3 times Weddington has played in the State Championship, they have taken on a Guilford school, as in 2014 Weddington faced Northern Guilford HS and lost 14-7. In 2016 the Warriors won 33-20 for their first State Title over Eastern Guilford HS. Weddington is hoping to improve their success rate not just against Guilford schools, but also in the State Championship. With a full week of practice ahead, along with the community behind them, they feel as if they are right where they’re meant to be heading into the final game of the season. “Having several seniors and juniors who played in the 2016 State Championship is a huge help to our team. We are excited to say the least, and it’s very special to have an opportunity like this.” Commented junior Alec Mock when asked about his thoughts heading into the biggest game on the year.

It is safe to say that quite a bit is on the line this Friday, but the Warriors never have and never will feel daunted. Playing under the lights at a college stadium with plenty of hype surrounding you is a task within itself, but keeping the opposing team in check is a whole other challenge. But, with Weddington’s athleticism, strength, and determination, they have put themselves in a great position heading into the matchup. With this being not just the final game of the season, but the last game for every senior, emotion will be very much a factor during the evening. With high hopes and an undeniable desire to get the “big dub,” Weddington is ready to fight- hoping that after this game they’ll be able to cheer “HOKA-HEY” and make history for not just their coach, and themselves, but their school, who is behind them through and through.


Where- UNC Chapel Hill (Kenan Memorial Stadium)

When- Friday, December 14th 2018

Time- 7:30pm


Price: Tickets- $15.00 // Parking- $10.00