Candidates for North Carolina’s 68th House District

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Candidates for North Carolina’s 68th House District

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Representatives in the NC House of Representatives serve in two-year terms, the 68th district encompassing the Weddington area. Craig Horn has represented the district since 2010.


Representative D. Craig Horn – Republican

Representative Craig Horn is the incumbent for the NC House’s 68th district, serving in this position since 2010 and running for his fifth (and final) term.

Horn formerly served with the United States Air Force, working as a Russian linguist from 1962 through 1969. He then became a food broker and businessman, a career which he retired from shortly before running for the General Assembly in 2010.

Horn’s token issue has been education, even being named by EdNC as the “education legislator”. Additionally, Horn is co-chairman of the House Committee of Education Appropriations, the House Education Policy Committee for K-12 Education, the Joint Legislative Task Force on Education Finance Reform, and the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committees.

Horn particularly believes in increasing the use of technology in schools, introducing several bills for this purpose.

Along with his work in education, Horn also authored Kilah’s Law on child abuse, which went on to become a national law in 2014. The law, written in the wake of the severe beating of Kilah Davenport at age three, strengthens the penalty for child abuse in North Carolina and federal law.

Horn and his wife reside in Weddington and have notably been active within the WHS community, Horn himself previously acting as a volunteer at the front desk.

Horn’s Site


Dr. Richard Foulke – Democrat

Dr. Richard Foulke is running for his first time in the NC House’s 68th district, and further this is his first run for any publicly elected position.

Foulke enlisted in the United States Army after earning his Bachelor’s Degree, serving for three years while earning his Master’s. Foulke then went on to earn his medical degree on an Army scholarship, afterwards serving ten years as an Army physician. He moved to Charlotte in 1993 and joined a medical practice, going on to open his own practice in 2002 and retiring in 2003.

Being a former physician, one of Foulke’s key issues has been medicare and health insurance as it relates to social mobility. According to his site, Foulke has seen several of his own patients suffer through various illnesses due to an inability to pay. Foulke’s main talking point has been that when a North Carolinian is born poor they have no ability to achieve any greater forms of wealth, which Foulke claims he would help to change.

In addition to this, Foulke’s site outlines certain aspects of the state and the General Assembly he takes issue with, including North Carolina’s rank as 35th in teacher pay and 41st in per capita student spending.  Foulke’s site further outlines how various decisions the General Assembly have made are, according to Foulke, detrimental to North Carolina, such as their “refusal” to expand medicaid, and the decision to make judicial races partisan.

Foulke and his wife live in Waxhaw.

Foulke’s Site