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Futo Buta: American Twists on Asian Classics

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With the recent rainy weather, a bowl of chicken noodle soup would be the perfect meal to warm your stomach and put you to sleep. However, I ask you to try a japanese spin on comfort food like soup: ramen. For those who are not aware, ramen is a soup based noodle dish with added veggies and proteins. The classic Tonkotsu is made of pork bone broth, typically containing a piece of seaweed, mushrooms, green onions and pieces of pork belly that are so tender they fall apart. Tonkotsu usually has a soft boiled egg and little white fish cakes with a pink swirl.

A great place to get a more contemporary bowl of ramen is Futo Buta found next to the light rail in Charlotte. Futo Buta found a great medium between the two very different cultures of America and Japan. While the restaurant looks like a typical american BBQ place, it has hints of Japanese art here and there, adding to the conversion of the two cultures. The modern high-top seating gives the restaurant a communal feel, making it easy to start a conversation with the people next to you. The staff, who all wear alternative rock t-shirts, is friendly and provide very quick service, without making you feel rushed.

Futo Buta’s menu includes the pre-described ramen, but also have other traditional Asian meals like pork belly buns and donburi – flavored rice bowls. Their food even boasts a hint of american classics found in the smoky, wood-grilled flavor in their ramen and donburi, along with their addicting Tori Kara Age, japanese fried chicken. They have japanese classics, such as gyozas, as well. Additionally, if you’re vegan or vegetarian they have some tasty options like fried red miso tofu skewers, and the Niwa ramen.

While the items on the menu are not cheap, you are paying for quality at Futo Buta. I highly recommend this restaurant for a date night, or just getting a bite to eat with a couple of friends.

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